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At Abingdon Community Church, our vision can be summed up as this:

‘Knowing Christ and making Christ known.’

With our vision of knowing Christ and making Christ known, we have 3 aims which can be summed up as this:

  1. Encounter
  2. Encourage
  3. Extend


Jesus’ last words on the cross were ‘It is finished’ (cf: John 19:30), and after He spoke those words the bible tells us that He gave up His spirit and died. At the moment that He died, the bible goes onto tell us that the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom (cf: Matthew 27:51). What this means for us as Christians is that the curtain that separated the rest of the Temple from the Most Holy Place (the place where the presence of God dwelled which was only accessible to a certain few people at certain times of the year) was open and was now accessible for all people, all the time.

We as Christian’s believe that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can directly go into God’s presence, any time, any place, anywhere, every single day. Here at Abingdon Community Church, we want to be a people who meet with God every single day. We want to be a people who are filled with His Holy Spirit and who get into His presence through reading the bible, prayer and worship and seek to be encouraged and refreshed by Him daily! Through Jesus Christ, God The Father is accessible to all people, and we want to be a people who meet with God daily.


We as a church believe that through the death, resurrection, ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the outpouring of Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 1-41), God equips His people for acts of service. We as a church believe in the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:9/Revelation 5:9-10) and as such, everyone who is born again has been given spiritual gifts that bless others and brings honour and glory to Jesus Christ. We are a church made up of people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds but Jesus has won our hearts and as such, we now seek to live for Him. Therefore, we want to use the talents and giftings that God has given us to make much of Him and bless others. We as a church believe that everyone has talents and spiritual gifts from the Lord and we want to encourage people into the plans and purposes that God has for them.


As Christians, we are called to partner with God’s great mission of ‘making disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28: 18-20). Therefore, we as a church want to see the Kingdom of God extend throughout all of Abingdon, into the surrounding villages and beyond. We believe that Jesus Christ is the hope of the nations and that all who turn to Him find love, hope and peace. There is no greater privilege than knowing God and making Him known, and we want to see His kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy extend throughout our town and throughout our nation, and ultimately, throughout the world.