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Known in the womb

We have had a good week this past week because, on Tuesday this past week, we went up to the JR as it was our 36 week scan for baby #2! Exciting!

So, we arrive for the appointment and they eventually take us back to the sonographer to check on how the baby is developing - which is all fine, praise the Lord! But, we were so struck looking at these images of our baby on the screen - whilst the sonographer is saying things like 'here's the brain, the heart, hands, etc' (which, to be honest, we just nodded our heads in agreement because we had no idea what she was showing us!). But, there was one point during the scan where we could see clearly the head of our baby, and as we were looking, we could see very clearly that she was sucking her thumb whilst in the womb. And to that, my wife said 'Ah! It definitely is our baby!' Because, it seems to be that the our children have a tendency to suck their thumbs - which is now a trait that our second child now carries! Even now, our eldest will walk around sucking her thumb - which I'm sure that you may see at some point on a Sunday at church if you haven't yet. 

But, if left me amazed at how God nit our baby (and indeed, every baby), in their mother's womb. I was reminded of this wonderful verse in Jeremiah 1:5a

"5) Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,"

Now, of course, God is speaking to Jeremiah here. But, God demonstrates that long before Jeremiah was born, God knew him and the take away from this verse is that God is sovereign. And we, all of humanity, are fearfully and wonderfully made - being nit together by Him in our mother's wombs. 

My prayer for you this week, is that you all would know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Because, being fearfully and wonderfully made doesn't just stop once you're born! Even as we age, we are still fearfully and wonderfully made and loved by a God who knew us long before we were born. 

How wonderful a thought!