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He is Risen!

Michael Ivey
23 April 2022 10:40

Good morning to you! I pray that you've had a wonderful week this past week! 

I woke up this morning with this hymn in my mind:

'He is Lord! He is Lord!

He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!

Ev'ry knee shall bow, ev'ry tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord.'

In the baptist church I grew up in, we used to sing hymns all the time - much to my displeasure at the time! However, there are truths in these hymns that saturate and nourish our spirits. This song, to me, is one of them. 

Regardless of the craziness that ensues globally or the chaos in our own lives, Jesus is Lord. 

My prayer for us today is that we would continue to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, completely surrendered to Him. The one who is Lord over all, the one who is our Lord - is the same Lord who is for you and calls you 'brother/sister' and 'friend'. What a thought! 

He is Lord, indeed!