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God's Promises

So, this is a bit of a different 'newsletter message' than before only because I've been stirred by the Lord over the past few days.

I don't know if there are specific bible passages and verses that God has spoken over you in years past which have brought encouragement, strength and direction. Most of the time, these bible passages which feel like they jump off the page whilst we're reading come from spending time with Him. And these moments are like key moments or promises from God, from the text, if you will. This past week I was reminded (again) that it's always a good thing to revisit those promises and pray into them because prayer helps to build faith!

This past week, I received a prophetic word from an individual who used a passage that God spoke to me many years ago - unbeknownst to them! On a side note, this is one of the many reasons why I love how God uses the prophetic to speak to us! So, this specific individual who was praying for Kate and I sent us this bible passage from Joshua 1 and said 'I think God wants to speak something to you through these verses'. Immediately, they had my attention because God spoke to me so clearly years ago through this passage and every now and then, someone will bring us a word through Joshua 1. So my response to him was that all of this sounds very familiar and I then proceeded to tell this couple what God had said to me  so many years ago through that passage. All to say, they were very encouraged and so were Kate and I! But that word brought the promises of God back to the very forefront of my mind this past week.

God gives promises to his children to build faith but also to help us understand our heavenly assignment.

In this new year, I want to really encourage you to take time to develop the good spiritual habit of writing out on paper or sticky note all the promises of God that he has given you and then pray into them. Not just general prayer but specific, focused prayer. This will help us to 'keep it fresh' and not just think 'ah, that was a nice word that went nowhere'. Prayer plays a significant role in the promises of God and I trust that all of these promises from God will come from scripture. My encouragement is to write down these promises that He has given you and place them around your house which will lead you to stop and pray when you see them. Do it for yourself, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren and so forth.

Knowing the promises of God over your lives helps us to stand firm in the midst of spiritual battle/warfare. But also, knowing the promises of God builds faith and shapes our assignments which He has given us!

So, Joshua 1. It's at the forefront of my mind and one that I am praying into!! What are you praying into?